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Here's How Patient PendingSM Works

Step 1

The patient calls or is referred to the doctor for a consultation. The patient sets an appointment date with the doctor's office.

Step 2

Our fully-automated platform distributes a series of strategically timed emails and text messages to the patient before their appointment date. They are given educational information about your product or services using network quality video, expert insights and compelling, real-life patient testimonials. Patient PendingSM subtly and professionally presents information about the features and benefits of your product.

Step 3

The patient watches the videos and submits answers to questions about their lifestyle, personal health & lifestyle goals prior to consultation.

Step 4

The doctor receives and reviews the patient’s personal health and lifestyle goals in advance, and the patient arrives to the consultation educated about the features and benefits of your product leading to shorter and more productive consultations.

Step 5

Patient PendingSM helps promote your product and brand ahead of time, so the doctor can “consult” rather than “sell”.

Step 6

You and the doctor sell more of your product, generating increased revenues and improved patient outcomes.

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About Us

Patient PendingSM is a proprietary and fully-automated, multi-touchpoint, digital software application that directly connects with patients and prospects, educating them about specific products and services, BEFORE they come in for a consultation with the doctor.